A Home for Every Orphan: Placing Orphans in Loving, Christian Homes

Anita Deyneka with a young boy

Anita Deyneka with a young boy

A Home for Every Orphan is a unique ministry partnership spearheaded by Russian Ministries’ co-founder Anita Deyneka. Its goal is to help the overwhelming number of orphans across the former Soviet Union/Eurasia, where millions live without hope in underfunded government orphanages. For those who are living with a disability or infected with HIV/AIDS, life is particularly bleak.

In the belief that every child is precious and that these children have an important role to play in the future of their nations, A Home for Every Orphan seeks to train national Christian families to be foster parents, and to advocate for, facilitate, and support in-country adoptions. As the Russian government has recently outlawed the adoption of Russian orphans by couples in the U.S., national adoption programs become more crucial than ever.

Adoption is not a common option in the former Soviet Union/Eurasia, so there is much work to be done to encourage national Christian couples to think about building their families in a new way. In supporting A Home for Every Orphan, you will:

Raise awareness of the need for adoption

Through adoption awareness events, the news is slowly spreading that many beautiful children are eagerly awaiting loving homes. More families are now considering fostering or adopting.

Provide pre-adoption and fostering training

Many children in orphanages in the former Soviet Union/Eurasia have not lost their parents—they have been abandoned. Others have lost their parents to warfare, HIV/AIDS, addiction, or other tragic causes. These children are traumatized and need special support from foster parents, as well as adoptive parents who are prepared to help with their issues.

Help place vulnerable boys and girls in loving homes

Whether it’s a loving foster home or a permanent adoption, children who are placed in a safe, Christian environment through A Home for Every Orphan have the opportunity to grow up in the Lord and take their place in society as future leaders.

Counsel families through the adoption process and beyond

The adoption process doesn’t end when the papers are signed. Every family must make adjustments when bringing home an adoptive child, and A Home for Every Orphan helps make the transition as smooth as possible.

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