What students are saying about School Without Walls

“I’m currently in the second year of the SWW program. I had wanted to study in a Christian academic institution to learn more about God, the Bible, and Christian life and ministry, but was not able to study full time, therefore I was thrilled to learn about SWW and its flexible, non-formal approach.”

“SWW is not just a series of lectures which one listens to and then forgets. Courses on topics such as spiritual gifts, spiritual growth, and leadership help students get to know themselves and their abilities in order to better use them. Other courses introduce students to different types of ministry, helping them determine what ministry fits them best and what mistakes to avoid.

“It can be awkward sometimes to ask certain questions in church, so SWW provides a great opportunity to ask the teachers any and all questions bothering us, and they answer them gladly and clearly. I’m very glad that such a wonderful program exists, through which I am constantly growing and learning to love God and love people. I think this program could help every church member grow in their relationship with God and make their ministry more effective.” –Vladimir from Moldova

“I came to the Lord in 2004. I wanted to get a Christian education, but because of my job it was impossible. However in 2009 I started attending a church with a vision to train and equip church members. There I started studying in School Without Walls.

“I like SWW’s flexibility, and that I don’t have to travel anywhere. Everything is very simple and convenient—all you need is a desire to learn. What’s great is that the main focus of the program is youth and evangelism.

“SWW helps you understand Scriptures and their value. It helps in sharing the gospel with friends and family. Without a proper understanding of spiritual truths, we can’t correctly share those truths, we can’t stand up for our convictions, and can’t answer questions about the gospel. This program, which began in our church in 2010, will help our church grow spiritually.” –Saken from Kazakhstan

“I spent my summer vacation in short-term missions trips and evangelistic summer camps. I remembered and put into practice all the things I learned through SWW, and the things we had been taught were of real practical value.

“As a camp counselor, I learned more than I taught. My tent became my school. Here I had to not only talk the talk, but walk the walk, demonstrating through my life what I believe. Through this experience I learned that what’s most important is reflecting Christ through my behavior—this is the main lesson of SWW, and my summer practical ministry experience confirmed it.

“I realized that witnessing is tough. But I like to share about Christ with people and I will continue to do so. I’ve come to realize that my studies in SWW are changing me, developing my leadership abilities, and I don’t want to return to the way I was before.” –Mark from Russia

“Studying at SWW helps me to gain knowledge and practical skills without interrupting my ministry. I’m part of the team working in our rehabilitation center with drug addicts and alcoholics. I want to be useful and involved in service. I work in the coalmines, but in my spare time, I want to do more to spread the Kingdom of God in our region. I do not have the opportunity to go somewhere and learn, so SWW is what I need exactly.” -Yuri from Ukraine

“God directing Russian Ministries to the Northern Caucasus 12 years ago was a huge blessing for our republic. In preparing new leaders through SWW, you bring the light of the gospel not only to the furthest corners of Ossetia, but also to neighboring Islamic republics. May God’s hand be on you as you continue to serve the next generation of young leaders in our churches.” —Taimuraz Totiev, senior presbyter of the Baptist Union of North Ossetia