Give the Gift of God’s Word

In the USSR, the Communist regime promoted values they claimed were better than Christianity because they were not based on “faulty religious assumptions.” All across the former Soviet Union, today’s young people are reaping the consequences. Russia has recently been ranked third in the world in teen suicide, while addiction, human trafficking, prostitution, and other evils are claiming millions across Eurasia.

These young people are searching desperately for direction. With your gift to Russian Ministries today, you can help them find a firm foundation for the future in God’s Word!

Every $25 you give is enough to place 10 copies of a book like the easy-to-read Discovery New Testament into the hands of young men and women seeking truth. Or, your gift of $25 may send 250 copies of a booklet like the dynamic, illustrated Story of Jesus Christ to at-risk children across the former Soviet Union.

You’ll foster the spiritual growth of young Next Generation leaders with Scripture and Scripture stories. And you’ll support creative evangelism to tens of thousands of children and youth with unique biblical witnessing tools. How many lives can you change with the Word of God today?


Bibles and Christian literature your gift can provide include:

  • The Discovery New Testament: a contemporary Russian-language translation also featuring testimonies from well-known Christian athletes and others
  • The New Testament in Russian and Ukrainian (Contemporary Design): a new edition with a guide to salvation and a list of verses for crisis situations
  • Message of Glory: a contemporary Russian New Testament with additional materials geared specifically for Muslims
  • The Story of Jesus Christ: a colorfully-illustrated booklet containing the heart of the Gospel for children, printed in any of three languages
  • The Azeri Picture New Testament: an illustrated children’s New Testament in Azeri, the language of Azerbaijan, where Christians make up only 0.05% of the population
  • The Children’s Picture New Testament: a dynamically illustrated New Testament for children in simple Russian